Exciting News!

Wow, it has been a while since I posted anything here. What can I say? Life is full and some things fall through the cracks. The good news is that I spent the last five months feverishly devoting any time scrap of free time to writing a new book in a brand new Urban Fantasy series. That book is currently waiting out its mandatory down time and I’ve redirected my attention to another exciting project.

Fantasy in general was really my first love despite the fact that my Cadillac Payback series is decidedly non-magical. Urban Fantasy, though, was where I really found myself at home some twelve…thirteen years ago when I got really serious about my writing. That’s why I’m ecstatic to announce that I’m currently working on releasing the first-ever book that I finished writing and the first in my oldest series. First round revisions are finished on Order of Crows: The Murder Meets at Dusk. I’m working now with the fabulous Genie Rayner at Magic Lamp Editing as I await the cover from extremely the talented Illustrated Author Melissa Stevens.

I don’t have a definitive release date just yet but keep your eyes open early next year for this dark and far-reaching tale of a magical Order who must step up to save their world. As an added bonus for the future, this is a series that already has two sequels and one in progress. These books have a little bit of everything from vampires to gods and the Fey. Stay tuned for news, teasers, and an inside look at the characters from this series.

Happy holidays, folks! Don’t forget, especially this year, to consider your indie authors and local artists when doing your Christmas shopping.

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