Excerpt from “The Night With No Relief”

Hello all. Once again it has been forever since I’ve posted here so I thought I’d share a little bit of a story I’ve been getting ideas for lately. It comes from a novella series I’ve decided to revamp and give another try. I’ve actually started releasing the first novella, “Dirty Synth”, on Kindle VellaContinue reading “Excerpt from “The Night With No Relief””

Podcast Alert!

I recently had the opportunity to join my old friend and fellow writer, Terry Bartley, on his podcast, Most Writers Are Fans. We go way back to our college days when we were part of our public radio station. We were two of the original members of a show called Snobrock Live where we wouldContinue reading “Podcast Alert!”

Caddy History

Maybe it’s the way Fall has finally found us here in Florida or just me being sentimental but I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Right in the middle of writing a chapter for a certain sequel I find myself thinking about the Cadillac Payback crew. Though I have no intentions of writing in that world anymoreContinue reading “Caddy History”

Hey World, How’s It Going

Ah, the life of an indie. I know. I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. There is some good news on the other side of that coin. I HAVE been writing, currently on the sequel for my next planned release. You may ask, “What? Next release ISN’T the second book in the Order of CrowsContinue reading “Hey World, How’s It Going”

The Murder Meets at Dusk Release Day!

Aleister abruptly stops walking and spits out a string of curses under his breath. Anxiety creates static across their connection. He pulls his left sleeve up to reveal a tightly wrapped bandage. “Get this off of me! It burns!” he snaps. She swiftly draws a knife from her boot and inserts the blade between theContinue reading “The Murder Meets at Dusk Release Day!”

The Murder Meets at Dusk Playlist

Her gaze rolls over him as it would the map to the Fountain of Youth. He can feel her magic stir with the presence of death. Brown fingers twitch against white gauze and the door. All the lines soften around her. Aleister experiences a nauseating desire to bleed again. She makes it feel okay. HisContinue reading “The Murder Meets at Dusk Playlist”

The Murder Meets at Dusk, excerpt

“Aleister,” Montague sighs, his whole form rising and falling, “I cannot say I have brought them all back. Not everybody can withstand the way, especially humans. Seeking knowledge this way could kill you.” Aleister stares into the giant sunglasses, denies to himself that he is human, and says, “Just keep a firm hold and I’llContinue reading “The Murder Meets at Dusk, excerpt”