Random Acts of Poetry: Dark Greens

Occasionally, I write poetry. It’s mostly just exercise for my brain, but why not share it. Enjoy!

Dark greens make clean lines around the bend

In my vision.

Shade-addled blurs of browns,

A little fuzzy around the edges.

If I reach far enough

The ground speaks,

A rumbling teacher who seats me




The light splinters far away,

Refracting parts of a day

That’s finally fading.

The echoes are shrouded in blues and purples,

Pink shaded dusty,

A brief lust ending in a lightning storm

On a horizon still not clarified.

I tried.

At least that’s real.

The wheel never stops.

It doesn’t matter the angle.

Impact can still shatter

A face set in stone.

Published by ajthewordwitch

Writing is in my bones, my blood, and my heart.

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