Home for Wayward Writers: Ascension

It’s late. It has been a long day. I’m not exactly feeling inspired. I find myself sitting in an overstuffed chair, staring at a fireplace that never seems to run out of fuel.  I can smell the books that line the shelves around me. There are infinite worlds here and they are constantly changing. TheContinue reading “Home for Wayward Writers: Ascension”

Random Acts of Poetry: Dark Greens

Occasionally, I write poetry. It’s mostly just exercise for my brain, but why not share it. Enjoy! Dark greens make clean lines around the bend In my vision. Shade-addled blurs of browns, A little fuzzy around the edges. If I reach far enough The ground speaks, A rumbling teacher who seats me Front And Center.Continue reading “Random Acts of Poetry: Dark Greens”

Home for Wayward Writers, Sun and Moon

There’s something strange in the air this week at the Home for Wayward Writers. I’d be lying if I said strange wasn’t the norm for this little niche of the internet, but this is…intriguing. Chills sprawl along my skin though it’s not cold. Not at all. The air is hot. The sky outside the tallContinue reading “Home for Wayward Writers, Sun and Moon”

Home for Wayward Writers, the Observatory

My nerves flutter as I pull open the door. Anticipation for what this week will bring feels like butterfly wings against my composure. Even so I smile as I enter. The room is empty and the windows are dark. The fireplace gives the only light, a soft orange that dances intimately across endless book spinesContinue reading “Home for Wayward Writers, the Observatory”

Home for Wayward Writers Grand Opening

I draw in a long breath in attempt to squash the nerves that are fluttering around in my stomach. No use in doubting myself now, I’ve already bought the place. I look down at the curling skeleton key in my right hand then back to the big, wooden door in front of me. First thingsContinue reading “Home for Wayward Writers Grand Opening”