Podcast Alert!

I recently had the opportunity to join my old friend and fellow writer, Terry Bartley, on his podcast, Most Writers Are Fans. We go way back to our college days when we were part of our public radio station. We were two of the original members of a show called Snobrock Live where we wouldContinue reading “Podcast Alert!”

Hey World, How’s It Going

Ah, the life of an indie. I know. I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. There is some good news on the other side of that coin. I HAVE been writing, currently on the sequel for my next planned release. You may ask, “What? Next release ISN’T the second book in the Order of CrowsContinue reading “Hey World, How’s It Going”

The Murder Meets at Dusk Release Day!

Aleister abruptly stops walking and spits out a string of curses under his breath. Anxiety creates static across their connection. He pulls his left sleeve up to reveal a tightly wrapped bandage. “Get this off of me! It burns!” he snaps. She swiftly draws a knife from her boot and inserts the blade between theContinue reading “The Murder Meets at Dusk Release Day!”

The Murder Meets at Dusk Cover Reveal!

Synopsis: The Order of Crows has existed for generations to protect the magical and divine community of New Verona. The current Order is mostly young and untested, having lost their parents in a tragic and mysterious event. Not surprisingly, they don’t get along very well. Aleister Corigan is at the heart of the discord. TheContinue reading “The Murder Meets at Dusk Cover Reveal!”