Hey World, How’s It Going

Ah, the life of an indie. I know. I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. There is some good news on the other side of that coin. I HAVE been writing, currently on the sequel for my next planned release. You may ask, “What? Next release ISN’T the second book in the Order of Crows series?” Well, no, but that is also in the plans. Rest easy. That sequel is already written. I have been alternating between some much-needed revisions there and the above-mentioned sequel. I don’t have definitive dates for those releases, however I am under contract for both covers, so stay tuned for more details as I figured them out.

So what IS the next release if it’s not in the Crows ‘verse? While I would absolutely love to spill all the beans, I can’t give away too much just yet. I can say the story is a hard lean into true Urban Fantasy, it definitely involves the Fae with what I believe is a unique twist, and there’s a giant nod to my love for all things punk. I absolutely adore these characters, which is why I’m choosing to release them to the wild next.

What about the Crows? “The Murder Meets at Dusk” is slowly gaining momentum and the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been good. Ebook copies have found their way to Australia, Canada, and Europe, which is insanely exciting. Physical copies have landed in my hometown, Huntington, WV at the regional artisan center The Red Caboose at Heritage Station. I’m so honored to be a part of that collective that supports so many fantastic Appalachian artists. I may not live there anymore, but the heart never truly leaves. A huge thanks to everyone who helped make that possible, and to everyone who has purchased a copy in any format, left ratings, and shared the news. What a great community I have.

Does anyone remember the Caddy crew? My Cadillac Payback duology is still out there, available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. I’ve admittedly had a hard time pegging a genre on that story. It doesn’t really fit snugly into one. Let’s just call it a unique revenge tale with a noir vibe and a bitch of a female lead. Anyway, physical copies have found a (hopefully temporary) home with the fine ladies behind the BooktendersWV, a bookstore/bar slated to open some time in May in Barboursville, WV. I’m excited and hopeful for this new relationship. Their vision is a beautiful one.

That about does it for me! Thanks again for the reads, the ratings, all the love. Cheers!

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