Title and Synopsis Reveal!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to start sharing goodies about my upcoming release. So excited that I’ve decided to drop the title and synopsis here, now. I don’t actually have a definitive release date, but I can say SOON. Very soon. There are just a few more details that need to fall into place, so I feel confident in putting this out there.

Let me start by saying this book is a long time coming. About twelve years. After a brief, failed publication when it was still a young story, these words have been quietly waiting for me to release them to the wild once again. Since then, I’ve been steadily working on sequels, among other series. This is a modern fantasy story that borrows elements from myths and magic of all kinds.

So without any more delay, I give you book one in the Order of Crows series, The Murder Meets at Dusk.


The Order of Crows has existed for generations to protect the magical and divine community of New Verona. The current Order is mostly young and untested, having lost their parents in a tragic and mysterious event. Not surprisingly, they don’t get along very well.

Aleister Corigan is at the heart of the discord. The Murder’s planar-walker black mage, he has made it a point to alienate himself from the others. He is rude and stand-offish at best when they meet. That is until an obviously powerful enemy makes an attack on the city’s protective shield. As the enemy remains in the shadows, Aleister’s domain, the Corigan is forced to put aside his natural distrust of others and step into the spotlight. Just as he has to learn to put some trust in them, they must do the same for him.

As the Murder finds some footing in their cooperation, they also begin to uncover an ominous bigger picture. It’s not just one enemy at their doorstep but seemingly an army. They are the ones who have to make the choice, do they willingly put their city in the middle of a war, or do they try to avoid the enemies who won’t back down so easily? Can they trust Aleister in his element or will they crumble from within before they ever get a chance to defend the city and the plane as a whole?

Stay tuned for more details on cover reveal, release date, and availability!

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